About Us


The company recognises its responsibility absolutely to reduce the impact of our activities on our immediate surroundings and, just as importantly, on the wider environment as a whole.

This acceptance of our responsibility is reinforced by the achievement of certification to the international standard for environmental management system ISO14001.

Environmental Plans

On most major projects we now routinely prepare an environmental aspect and impact assessment to identify any environmental impact that our activity may create. This assessment enables us to define and thus control the acceptable limits for emissions, minimum levels for recycling, any monitoring procedures and compliance with any legislation.

Pollution Control

Inevitably, our work brings us into close contact with people; their work places, where they live and where they play. It is therefore incumbent upon us to eliminate or at least minimise pollution and emissions from our work sites.

By employing modern demolition techniques with well maintained plant and equipment, we are able to limit/eliminate noise, vibration, dust, contamination, spillages, excessive carbon emissions etc. With well planned traffic management plans, we can also reduce disruption from excessive vehicle movements to and from site.


Any responsible demolition contractor has been able to recycle extremely high levels of materials off site (up to 85%) over many years. However their ability has been restricted by the economic and commercial pressures placed upon clients. Today clients now have the opportunity to commit wholeheartedly to recycling initiatives and we are totally commited to help achieve their goals.

Onsite segregation of materials regularly contributes to the sustainability of the project as well as providing cost reductions to the client. Concrete and brick rubble can be crushed on site for later reuse, which not only meets recycling objectives but also has a beneficial environmental impact on the project.