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Health & Safety

The potentially high risk nature of our industry means that the management of health and safety has been and will always be at the very heart of the company`s philosophy.

Accordingly, to underline our understanding of the importance and responsibility for health and safety, the Managing Director undertakes the task of formulating all the company safety procedures and policing their implementation with the assistance of our external consultants.

Our commitment is demonstrated by our detailed health and safety documentation and risk assessments, our professional management and supervision on site which all culminate in our industry leading low incident rate.

All our sites are monitored daily for health and safety performance by the supervisors, weekly by our managers and regular external health and safety audits are undertaken by our Health and Safety Consultants.

David Clarke, our M.D., was previously the President of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors (2005-7). One of the main thrusts of his presidency was the implementation of an Accredited Site Audit Scheme (ASAS) for all member companies. Despite initial opposition from many quarters within the Federation, his belief and commitment to this initiative finally resulted in the scheme being adopted by the Federation as a whole in March 2008.

The general health and safety of our workforce is also extremely important and the company has implemented an Occupational Health Screening and Surveillance programme for all employees. We are therefore able to ensure that our workforce remains fit and healthy to complete their daily tasks and any potential health issues are identified at an early stage. This initiative was also received extremely positively by the workforce and everybody has participated in the voluntary scheme.