Case Studies

Ardleigh Green Bridge Replacement

  • Project Type
  • Railway Infrastructure
  • Client
  • Hochtief/TfL/Network Rail
  • Value
  • £500,000.00
  • Contract Period
  • Aug 2016 - Present
  • Services
    • Demolition


Ardleigh Green Bridge is a road over rail bridge in Essex on the A127 road towards Southend. As is the case with many older bridges, the construction is of a variety of types and standard. However it is predominantly a brick and concrete jack arch bridge with seven supporting beams carrying the dual carriageway over the main Norwich to London railway lines. There are three spans, with  mass brick abutments on each embankment and  two intermediate steel trestles.

Hochtief have the task of replacing it with a larger and wider bridge in phases, keeping the A127 open to traffic at all times. Our task is to remove the deck in two visits enabling HUK to build the new bridge and then a third pahse to reove the old trestles from underneath the new structure.

We completed the demolition of the first part of the deck over the weekend of the 29th/30th April 2017 during a full possession with all rail lines closed to trains. The rail protection was a critical part of the operation as we had to make access under the remaining part of the deck and build a larger than usual track mat to eliminate any damage to the lines and/or OLE. The narrow spans were also a restricting factor on the size of machine that we could get down at track level and then the speed at which  the rubble could be removed.

However Phase 1 was completed within the alloted timescale and we look forward to tackling the next phase in early 2018.