Case Studies

Beckton Gasholder

  • Project Type
  • Demolition of a Below Ground, Column Guided Gasholder
  • Client
  • National Grid Properties Ltd
  • Value
  • £1,200,000
  • Contract Period
  • Apr 2007 - Sept 2007
  • Services
    • Decontamination and Demolition


In 2007, under the management of Steve Bocking, the team demolished the 2nd largest belowground gasholder in Europe, within the Beckton Gasworks in London. The project was most sensitive and potentially hazardous for National Grid. The Beckton Dockland Light Railway Station was immediately adjacent (25-50m away) and the site was on the flight path for London City Airport.

At the tender stage, the bid was considered on quality, price, experience and proposed method. The price was the highest of the bidders, but the total submission provided us with the highest score within the set criteria.

The work involved the disposal of contaminated water, hazardous sludge and the demolition of the column guided holder itself. There were 28 No 57 metre high columns around the perimeter; the holder was 75m in diameter and 15 metres deep. On the site was also a live gas facility, with a 2 metre diameter overhead gas main within 10 metres. We were involved in lengthy discussions with National Grid Operations, The Docklands Light Railway and London City Airport Authorities, to ensure we fully satisfied all their concerns. The site was on an expanding retail park with such tenants as Tesco and a petrol filling station amongst others.

The drainage and sewerage system for the whole area was ineffective and required extensive adaption prior to work commencing.

The contract was based upon a 24 week programme; we finished 3 weeks ahead of schedule and managed to make further savings for the client during the work. There were no accidents or incidents and we also participated in the NG Compass "near miss" reporting programme.

Over 50 million gallons of water were pumped off site, 2500 tonnes of scrap steel removed and over 200 tonnes of hazardous waste processed.