Another Difficult Bridge made Easy

Knowing CDC`s skill and expertise in the art of bridge demolition, Graham Construction engaged us to demolish a high level pedestrian footbridge over the dualled A4174 on the outskirts of Bristol.

The bridge had been originally constructed, like so many, without much if any thought given to how it could be demolished when the time came. It was a cast insitu, continuous concrete deck with its strength only derived from the very substantial parapet beams. It had four spans and spanned nearly 60 metres from the north to south abutments, with a skew of 45 degrees. To throw another spanner in the works, our client asked us to save the central pier so that it could be incorporated in the replacement structure, precluding any thoughts of a simple"crunch it and let it fall" method.

We developed a procedure that removed both middle spans without leaving even a hairline scratch on the pier, completingthe work in under 20 hours.

More details of this project with photographs is available in our Case Studies section.

12th Dec 2015