Barnes prefer CDC

The fast growing regional contractor, Barnes Construction Ltd, is proof that the responsible and professional contractors are genuinely looking to work closer with their supply chain and recognise that demolition is a very specialist and technical sector.

Accordingly, CDC was chosen to carry out three contracts in quick succession, all requiring particular care and style in the delivery: Gresham Rd, Cambridge in April, Tower Ramparts Shopping Centre, Ipswich in May and the Primary Care Facility, Woodbridge Rd, Ipswich in June.

Gresham Rd in Cambridge was a redundant Youth/Gynasium Centre, comprising 1-3 storey height structures extremely close to the site boundaries and having ducts running along one side containing fibre optics etc for the Universitiy. Noise and Dust were also real concerns, however CDC performed to usual standard, completing the works without incident and received plaudits from Barnes Contract Manager, David Faichney and the ultimate client, the Unversity.

Tower Ramparts Centre in Ipswich is also undergoing a major refurbishment and the demolition entails various concrete and steel structures internally and the removal of both facades on Tavern St and Crown St, in the middle of the bus station. Work is being carried out at night with a variety of specialist machinery, such as Brokk remote controlled, electric powered, demolition excavators. Cranes will also be required to remove the facades. CDC is bringing its years of experience working in the Rail Infrastructure arena to provide Barnes with the service it needs.                                            

The Primary Care Facility on Woodbridge Road is the most straightforward contract, but still needs that extra care and professionalism that CDC bring and Barnes recognise. The site is close to a major town artery road and the existing NHS Trust Hospital, so the work must agin be carried out carefully, safely and without causing nuisance to traffic or the hospital itself.

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18th Jun 2015