Our Services

Our Services

The Company`s team, led by David Clarke, has been providing a nationwide demolition service since 1964. In that time the variety of structures demolished has been immense.

We have even demolished a 36 foot high (or is it deep?) brick well shaft. The continual erosion on the East Anglian coast has thrown up many interesting situations. During a particularly heavy storm one night, another stretch of coastline was washed away. Daylight came and exposed the shaft of the well standing proudly in the middle of the beach, for the uninitiated looking like a 36 foot high chimney stack! Our founding father, Arthur Clarke, strategically placed a small charge of explosive and completed the work nature had started.

We have accumulated an extensive wealth of experience and technical skills that enable us to estimate, plan and execute every phase of the most complex, as well as straightforward, demolition projects.

The company ethos of owning its own plant and equipment and using only directly employed staff has ensured that we retain all the correct plant, equipment and skills within the business. This results in an extremely enthusiastic, committed and well motivated set of employees.

In addition to the specialist areas of our business listed elsewhere, we have carried out demolition and asbestos removal in the following areas:

We would not be presumptuous or conceited in claiming that we are the best, however the service we provide is of the highest level and equal to the very best companies operating in the United Kingdom.