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Asbestos Management

Within the company, we have experience of carrying out asbestos removal services since 1983, as a result of ithe never ending discovery of the hazardous material in the course of our demolition, dismantling and refurbishment projects.

This part of the business has developed to a level today where we are able to offer a complete service:


Under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006, each building owner/occupier has a legal duty to manage asbestos in non-domestic properties. An asbestos management plan must be produced which must include an asbestos register for the property. A survey of the premises is a mandatory part of the plan.

We are able to provide any level of survey required, up to the Demolition and Refurbishment survey now required prior to the demolition of any building or structure. Ths is a legal requirement for the structure in question to be demolished or  undergoing a major refurbishment.


It is a common mistake to believe that all ACMs should be removed when encountered.

However, in some cases where these ACMs are in good condition and unlikely to be disturbed, it may be that encapsulation is the most efficient and economical solution. This could be achieved by applying a simple sealant coating to the material at one end of the spectrum to installing a more robust overcladding system. Either of these solutions could provide a responsible building owner/occupier with more than adequate protection and fully meet their legal responsibilities.


Where the ACMs pose a threat to humans with the possible release of fibres, removal is recommended.

Prior to commencing removal, we would produce a work method approved by the Health and Safety Executive (where applicable) and the client`s representative. The removal itself would be undertaken by trained operatives in a controlled environment, in accordance with prevailing legislation and guidelines.

All our operatives employed within the asbestos abatement division are trained to the highest possible industry standards, receiving continual refresher training to keep them fully informed on legislative changes and advances in removal techniques. Management are also ARCA trained and certificated Contract Managers, with David Clarke certificated to the associations Director Level. Personnel heath is also continually monitored by external approved doctors’ surgery and our own Occupational Health Nurse.

The material removed is placed into sealed containers for disposal and on completion the area is thoroughly decontaminated and cleaned down. A final inspection is undertaken by a third party, using the four stage clearance protocol before handing back the site to the client.


The subsequent waste material is disposed in accordance with the Hazardous Waste Regs 2005 to approved and licensed facilities.

We operate our own vehicle with sealed containers for this activity.

The company will also organise the necessary documentation, including the allocation of the premise code for each site and will provide a full hazardous waste audit trail.