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Some of our employees remember demolishing our first gasholder in the late 1970s. Since that date, our staff have demolished over 200 throughout England and Wales, giving the company an enviable and probably unsurpassed experience within this field in the country.

During this time we have dismantled the following types of holder:

As part of the demolition/dismantling process, we have undertaken the dewatering, de-oiling, and desludging of holders. For the below ground holders, we have also carried out the backfilling of the tank and other site remediation work as required.

Some of the contracts have been on “live” gas production facilities and have required extensive protection of overhead and below ground pipelines and structures.

Our expertise in this field has been recognised by National Grid and other organisations such as Structural Engineering practices that have engaged us to look at the feasibility and cost implications of several redundant gasholder sites throughout the UK.