Our Services


Within the company, we have over 35 years of experience in the demolition of industrial and commercial buildings and structures. We therefore have market leading industry best practice and an unrivalled understanding of the practical and safe methods of work required to meet the challenges posed by demolition in this sector of the market. Demolition in this sector requires a methodical and flexible approach, combined with extensive planning to ensure that risk is always manageable. There are often previously unidentified issues, such as drums containing unknown liquids left on site by the previous occupiers, ground contamination, badly adapted structures amongst other problems which need careful and systematic treatment. We have tackled all these problems successfully, always finding the safe and economical solution.

The variety of contracts that the the team has worked on over the years is vast including, but not restricted to:

This wide ranging variety of experience has helped us to develop particular specialisations and they are detailed more fully elsewhere.

In completing such an array of projects, we have inevitably been required to provide ancillary services such as:


We are a “Can Do” company, nothing will stop us completing and exceeding our obligations to our client-GIVE US A CHALLENGE!