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Excavator Attachments

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In the world of demolition the excavator is really just a tool carrier. It is the demolition attachment/tool on the end that does the real work. These attachments are specifically designed to provide maximum efficiency and manufactured from the most modern materials. The bucket will generally now be the least used attachment on the end of a demolition excavator boom. The Company has a large range of different types and sizes of attachments that help us to perform to the highest levels. Modern attachments can be categorised into four main types:

Hydraulic Breakers

There is a hydraulic breaker for virtually any breaking application that requires a boom-mounted percussive tool. From the advanced Rammer In-series hammers for mini-excavators, whose tools are so strong they are guaranteed for life against breakage, to the heavy-duty Rammer G-series for excavators from up to 100 tonnes in weight. Our fleet of breakers is as follows:

Model Excavator Size Weight
Rammer IN22 3.5-5 tonne 500 kg
Rammer S22 City 3.5 tonne 400 kg
Rammer S29 City 10-13 tonne 800 kg
Rammer E65 City 15-22 tonne 1330 kg
Rammer M18 25-30 tonne 1800 kg
Rammer E68 City 21-32 tonne 1710 kg
Rammer G90 City 40-55 tonne 6950 kg

Crackers and Shears

CDC crackers, shears and multi-processors are designed to cut through steel, timber and reinforced concrete, and break it down into manageable chunks. They are used as the primary tools and attachments to carry out the structural demolition. With very high shear force and great cutting strength, they can be used with different jaw sets for different applications, including pulverizing. All our multi-processors are flexible, reliable, high-performance, low-maintenance tools that give exceedingly high productivity.

Our fleet of crackers and shears range from the mini to the maxi, including:

Model Excavator Size Weight
Allied UP4 3.5-5 tonne 440kg
Rammer RC6 5-8 tonne 550kg
Trevi-Benne MF18 13-21 tonne 1300kg
Allied UP20 18-30 tonne 1800kg
Genesis GDP450 25-30 tonne 2400kg
Rammer RC22N 25-35 tonne 2350kg
Caterpillar MP30 35-50 tonne 7000kg


Our hydraulic pulverisers are designed to crush and separate reinforced concrete and other materials continuously, breaking them down into fragments suitable for recycling and/or removal from site. They are used for tough secondary demolition, in which their very high crushing forces can be exploited to the maximum. All our pulverisers are manufactured by market leading suppliers and give reliable, high-performance, low-maintenance service.

We operate both the mechanical pulverisers, working off the bucket ram of the excavator and the fully hydraulic pulverisers which can give crushing forces up to 700 tonnes.

Rotational Selector Grabs

These attachments are the most versatile tool for selective demolition, sorting and reclamation of all manner of structures. David Clarke pioneered their use in the UK with the first selector grab delivered in 1990. They are now widely used in the demolition industry throughout the UK for primary stripping works and then subsequent clearance of sites.

Again ranging from 300kg up to 2500kg they are equipped with full 360 degree hydraulic rotation for accurate positioning and operation. An experienced operator can pick individual cladding sheets or doors off a building with these irreplaceable tools. Reversible cutting edges are also fitted as standard. Six models are available to suit 3 to 40 tonne excavators:

Model Excavator Size Weight
Mantovanibenne GR300 3-6 tonne 320kg
Rammer RG9 5-9 tonne 425kg
Rammer RG15 10-15 tonne 950kg
Rammer RG22 15-22 tonne 1280kg
Rammer RG28 22-30 tonne 1550kg
Rammer RG48 35-50 tonne 2400kg

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