Plant & Equipment

Hitachi ZX460L Ultra High Reach Excavator

  • Weight
  • 60 Tonnes
  • Reach
  • 28.0 m
  • Width
  • 3.45 m


The  Hitachi 460 Ultra High Demolition Machine is probably the most popular UHD machine use through out the UK. Again, this excavator has a three piece boom with a modular joint system which ensures maximum utilisation by changing from high reach equipment to standard backactor in 30 minutes. The multi configuration system allows for a working envelope from 13.50-28.00 metres. It can be deployed in gooseneck, straight boom and high reach set up.

The cab is a ROPS/FOPS and tilts hydraulically for improved operator visibility and comfort. Visibility is further enhanced by the provision of a CCTV system with cameras mounted close to the working attachment and at the rear of the machine. There is also an integrated dust suppression system with the water jets strategically placed close to the attachment.

This machine can demolish structures up to eight storeys in height, working from ground level. With the construction of a raised working platform, using crushed concrete, we have demolished structures up to 34 metres in height.