Plant & Equipment

Recycling/Waste Minimisation

Hitachi ZX170

Any responsible demolition contractor has been able to recycle extremely high levels of materials off site (up to 85%) over many years. However our ability has been restricted by the economic and commercial pressures placed upon us by Clients. Today Clients now have the opportunity to commit wholeheartedly to recycling initiatives and we are able to help achieve their goals.

On site segregation of materials regularly contributes to the sustainability of the project as well as providing cost reductions to the client. Opportunities that we have taken are many, such as:

Steel and Crushed Concrete/Brick are by far and away the greatest part of our recycling activities. The excavator attachments help us to remove and segregate the materials and these implements are illustrated elsewhere. To produce a reusable aggregate on our sites, we use the Sandvik QJ240 Hydraulic Concrete Crusher.

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