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Remote Controlled Excavator

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Sometimes a project is beyond the capability of conventional demolition plant and equipment. There may be weight restrictions, restricted access, confined spaces, exposed working at height, hazardous environment, hand/arm vibration issues etc.

Our remote controlled, electric powered Brokk excavators provide the perfect solution for working in these difficult and hostile environments. The advantages are:

Other Benefits:

The operator can choose the best location for the work, either close to the attachment when precision is required or at a distance when near unstable structures. He/she runs no risk of being injured by falling objects or exposed to vibration injuries as is the case when using hand-held tools or sitting on/in a machine. Tiredness is reduced through the ease of operation and therefore production levels are high. Precision manoeuvring also means that damage to adjacent material is avoided.

The machines are specially designed for continuous operation with the hydraulic breaker and so they are able to withstand extreme stresses.

Their small dimensions allow a Brokk machine to pass through narrow doorways, windows, furnaces, elevator shafts etc and are much more powerful than can be judged from their size.

A three-part boom is stronger, more mobile and more flexible than a traditional two-part boom. It can be retracted so that the machine has very small transport dimensions but still retains an impressive reach when in operation.

The variety of attachments available: cutter/crusher, hydraulic breaker, bucket and selector grab ensures that any job can be tackled.