Plant & Equipment

Brokk 40

  • Weight
  • 0.38 Tonnes
  • Reach
  • 3.00 m
  • Width
  • 0.6 m
Mini Excavator


The Brokk 40 is the smallest machine in the range. Weighing just under 400kg and only 600mm wide, it can easily manoeuvre the narrowest of gaps and the most confined spaces. With the operator completely detached, the machine can work in the most hostile environments.

To reach the required work area, we have lifted it up by crane, put it in a lift and even driven it up the stairs!

Despite its size, it is extremely powerful and fitted with the Atlas Copco SB52 hydraulic breaker, it produces a higher output than 6 men could ever achieve with demolition picks. It also eliminates any risk of hand/arm vibration.

In addition to the breaker, other optional attachments include a concrete crusher, bucket, clamshell bucket and demolition selector grapple.