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Skidsteers-Demolition Specification

Hitachi ZX290 High Reach Excavator

While demolition machinery has become ever more specialised, with super high reach models and dedicated hydraulic attachments, one machine remains a master of all trades. Working both at ground level and on high rise demolition, the skid steer can tackle a wide variety of jobs, with a range of attachments adding to its versatility. They are very good at clearing buildings out in terms of soft strip operation.

Primarily, we operate JCB Robot Skidsteers. JCB’s Robot range of skid steers remains the only line of machines to feature a single sided loading arm. This allows for a full opening side door in the cab, providing access for the operator rather than having to climb in over the attachments at the front of the machine and hence is safer.

We recently invested in the Series II Robot 160 machines. The company uses the skid steers for a wide variety of tasks, from clearing up at the bottom of the glory hole to sitting on higher floor breaking out and carrying material. With a hydraulic breaker, pallet forks, a sweeper attachment, grapples, augers and a full range of buckets, these Robots can handle almost any task.

This model includes improved control of the hydraulic functions, a revised cab interior with mini excavator-style control levers, a transmission power management system to prevent stalling and an independent hydraulic flow control for high flow machines.

In addition the door hinges have been moved from the front A pillar to the central B pillar on the cab, further improving access for the operator. Visibility is also increased with the removal of the front peak on the cab, which is itself more rounded.

“The series II machine is infinitely better from a visibility point of view,” says Mr Clarke.

“JCB also seems to be able to adapt the machines more to demolition than its competitors, in terms of cab protection and cable cutters on the axles. You can see that for the series II machines JCB has been in touch with demolition contractors to develop the machines.”

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