Plant & Equipment

Straight Boom Demolition Excavator

Hitachi 460 Ultra High Reach Excavator

The primary working envelope of a demolition excavator is above ground. Therefore the advantage of a straight main boom on an excavator is self-explanatory. For 22-25 tonne machines, the working height is extended by over 1.5 metres, giving these size machines the reach of 30-40 tonne machines in standard form.

This enables work to be carried out using smaller, more fuel efficient machines which are also easier to transport into confined areas.

These enhanced specification machines include frame-mounted falling object guards, a bolted side impact protection system and bucket and boom cylinder guards. Further protection to the undercarriage includes full-length track-chain guards, 10mm thick under plating and an 8mm swing-ring guard. A rear view camera is also fitted to the rear counterweight for increased visibility.

The hydraulic system is adapted with an additional circuit to handle rotating attachments such as concrete crackers and selector grabs.